Why You Need Hair Primers

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New Bb. Hair Products: Save the Day + While You Sleep

We’re so excited to tell you about our newest Bumble and bumble hair products: Save the Day + While You Sleep. It’s no surprise that lived-in hair experiences a lot of wear-and-tear from curling, straightening, teasing, brushing, tugging, frying and … Read More

5 Tips for Battling Winter Hair

Dealing with your winter hair can be a real pain, even here in San Diego where it’s more “winter” than WINTER and doesn’t usually get that cold. But when the warm weather is gone and cool weather is here for a … Read More

Product Review: Bb Curl

I feel like whenever I finally have my hair routine figured out, something changes: I cut my hair, there’s a major weather change, or the worst of the bunch: my favorite products are discontinued. We’ve all been there – finding … Read More