By now, you probably already know that Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego offers in-salon waxing services with Flutter and Honey. If you’ve scheduled your first-ever Brazilian wax and are feeling a little unsure of what to expect, here are 10 tips to help you prepare for your first Brazilian waxing appointment.

Let Your Hair Grow Out A Little

In order for the wax to grab onto the hairs, you’ll need to let your hair grow out at least ¼ inches before your Brazilian wax. This may be a little annoying if you like to be completely bare, but it’s totally worth it for the long-lasting smoothness waxing will provide.

Shower Before Your Brazilian Wax

It’s normal to be a little nervous and self-conscious about baring it all in front of your waxing technician. However, Victoria “Mai” Tran is a total professional and will put you at ease. Showering before your appointment not only helps you feel fresh, but the warm water also makes it easier for the hairs to come out (which means less discomfort). Plus, showering before your appointment is just the considerate thing to do.


While you’re showering, exfoliate to help remove dead skin cells in the area you’ll be waxing. This will make the hair easier to remove and help reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.

Avoid Moisturizers

Lotions and other moisturizers can create a barrier between your hair and the wax, making it harder for the wax to grab onto your hairs. It’s okay to use a moisturizer the night before your appointment, but don’t use any on the day-of.

Wear Loose Clothing

After your Brazilian waxing appointment, your skin may feel a little sensitive and sore for the first 30 minutes to two hours. The last thing you’ll want to do is squeeze into tight skinny jeans. Instead, wear comfortable cotton panties and loose sweatpants or a skirt.

Take Tylenol or Advil

We’d be lying if we said waxing is completely painless, especially during your first time. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may feel some pain for a couple of hours after your Brazilian wax, or you may only feel pain in the moment. We typically recommend taking an over-the-counter pain medicine such as Tylenol or Advil thirty minutes before your waxing appointment. This should help quite a bit with the pain. You’ll be excited to know that waxing becomes less painful the more regularly you do it.

Let Your Waxer Know About Medical Conditions

If you’re taking any medications such as antibiotics, Accutane, isotretinoin, or topical creams such as Retin-A, be sure to let your waxing technician know. Some of these may not be compatible with waxing. Also, if you have a skin condition like psoriasis or an STD that causes sores, be sure to postpone your appointment until your issues have cleared, as waxing should only be performed on healthy skin. Lastly, if you have a sunburn, hold off on waxing until that has healed.

Schedule According to Your Cycle

Your skin can be much more sensitive during your period, so try schedule your waxing when you’re not on it. If you do happen to be on your period, be sure to disclose this to your waxing technician before your appointment.

Adjust Your Schedule

If you were planning on having a sexy date night with your boo on the same day you got a Brazilian wax, you may want to think about rescheduling. Most waxing salons recommend waiting 24 hours before any “sexy time”, since the area can still be really sensitive and more susceptible to infections. You should also avoid the ocean for 24 hours, because the salt water can cause a serious sting on your freshly-waxed skin.

Exercise Before Your Appointment

In general, for the first 24 hours after a Brazilian wax, you should try to avoid any activities that involve sweating (including exercise). Working out and sweating can cause uncomfortable chafing, irritation, or even an infection. If you like to work out daily, exercise before your appointment (just be sure to shower after).

Ready to Schedule Your Brazilian Wax In San Diego?

If you’re ready to schedule a Brazilian wax at Flirt Urban Salon in Downtown San Diego, contact Victoria at or (619) 929-0389.

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