Thinking about taking a break from your waxing routine this winter? Before you go into hibernation mode with your oversized sweater and pumpkin spice latte, you should know that winter is actually a great time of year to get waxed. Sounds crazy, right? Keep reading and you’ll learn why you should continue waxing in the winter.

Regular Waxing Weakens the Follicles

Hair grows in three stages. At any point in time, you have hairs that are lying dormant, hairs that are actively growing, and hairs that are falling out. The best time to wax is during the first stage of active growth, known as the Anagen phase. This is because the hair is growing from the deepest part of the hair follicle at this stage, so when it’s pulled up, it damages the follicle (this is a good thing). Your hair follicles will continue to weaken with regular waxing, which causes the hair to grow back slower and thinner. If you skip waxing during the winter, you give your follicles a chance to recover and lose out on the benefits of regular waxing.

It Preps Your Growth Cycles for Summer

As you learned above, hair grows in three phases. If you start waxing every 3-4 weeks, all of your hair will eventually starting growing at the same time, instead of being in various growth phases at any given time.

By waxing during the winter, you’ll getting a head start on stubborn hairs before summertime. Once your hair growth starts syncing up to the same cycle, you’ll be able to reduce the regularity of your waxing appointments (perfect for your busy summer schedule).

The More Often You Get Waxed, The Less It Hurts

Most people agree that the more often you get waxed, the less it starts to hurt. This is partially due to the hair growing back thinner (as mentioned above). If you take a break during the winter, you may find that your tolerance for the discomfort has lessened when summer rolls around.

More Skin Protection

In the winter, your skin is less exposed to harmful elements like the sun’s UV rays and chlorine from swimming pools. That means more protection and comfort for your freshly-waxed skin. Waxing also helps to exfoliate your dead skin cells, which are plentiful in winter months.

You’ll Avoid Razor Burn & Nicks

Let’s face it, you can’t hide your body hair all winter. There will likely be several occasions during the winter where you’ll feel compelled to shave for one reason or another. Instead of risking razor burn, nicks, and cuts, why not just continue your waxing routine every few weeks and save yourself from the embarrassment and bandaids

You’ll Feel Sexy for Yourself

Most people say that they feel sexier and more confident after waxing. No matter what season, that feeling is always welcome.

Schedule Your Waxing Appointment in San Diego

If you live in sunny San Diego, you have even more reasons to continue waxing during the winter. Luckily for you, Flirt Urban Salon in Downtown San Diego is home to Flutter and Honey (lash and wax by Victoria). Contact Viki to schedule your waxing appointment at flutterandhoney@gmail.com or (619) 929-0389.

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