Blonde hair color is always in season in San Diego. No matter your skin tone, there’s a shade of blonde that will look great on you. In this blog, the expert hair colorists at Flirt Urban Salon dish on their favorite blonde color trends in San Diego right now. Read on to find plenty of inspiration to bring with you to your next salon visit.

Shadow Roots and Bright Blonde Ends


The shadow root trend is hot right now. This rooty blonde color melt will instantly amp up your cool factor and give you a “I woke up like this” babe next door vibe. You’ll also love that it’s low maintenance. Since it grows out more naturally, you can get away with a few months between salon visits (although we’ll miss you).

Platinum Blonde Hair Color


Platinum blonde hair is super glam and highly-coveted. Before you bust into your salon waiving this inspo photo around, it’s important for you to know that getting this sparkling white-blonde hue typically won’t happen with the snap of a finger. The darker your starting hair color, the more sessions it will take to gradually lighten your hair until you reach your desired color of icy blonde. Because bleach is involved in the process, trying to lighten your hair too many shades in one visit can cause serious damage. At Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego, we promise you’ll leave each visit with a beautiful color, even if it’s not yet platinum blonde.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to take this look to the next level, add some easihair pro tape-in hair extensions like the #FlirtGirl in this photo and have them matched to your new platinum blonde hair color. We also made her roots a little darker than platinum so her hair grows out more naturally between touch-ups.

Blended Blonde


Blended blonde can be achieved by using highlights and lowlights, giving your locks luscious, rich depth and a more natural look. Best of all, it’s low-maintenance. Since there are no heavy lines of demarcation, the color will grow out softer and more subtly.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color


Caramel blonde hair color looks as delicious as it sounds. This combination of light golden brown and dark iridescent blonde looks fantastic on any complexion, but especially on those with medium to dark skin tones. We also love that this yummy combo of colors gives your hair depth and the appearance of volume and movement.

Natural-Looking Blonde


Want people to think you were born with this gorgeous hair? We love this natural blonde look achieved by using a neutral tone– not too cool and not too warm. It’s great for all seasons and looks beautiful on all skin tones.

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If you’re thinking about changing up your hair color and want to talk it out with an expert, Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego offers free salon consultations which can be booked in advance. During this 15-minute visit, you can get to know one of our experienced hair colorists and get some recommendations on the right shade of blonde for you. Give us a call at (619) 501-6890.

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