Curly hair can be a real show-stopper, in a good way, or a bad way. Dry, frizzy curls can distract from your beautiful face and look like a tangled bird’s nest. On the other end of the spectrum, curls with too much product can make your hair look wet and heavy. Fear not– you can achieve the elusive “perfect curl” with the right hair care and products.

Bumble and bumble has an amazing “curl collection” to help everyone achieve curl greatness. Whether your curls are shaped like corkscrews, coils, ringlets, spirals, or waves, they’ve got something for you. Below you can find Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego’s favorite Bumble and bumble products to control frizz and maximize your curls’ potential.

The Best Shampoo for Curls


Bb.Curl Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that works to de-frizz and hydrate your curls with the help of their Hydrasculpt Blend™ and an exotic mix of Brazilian oils. To use, lather a dab through your wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Bb.Curl Conditioner.

The Best Conditioner for Curly Hair

Bb.Curl Custom Conditioner is like having three products in one! This hydrating conditioner can be washed out, left it in, or used as a co-wash (meaning you skip the shampoo and rinse out the conditioner to remove buildup, but retain moisture). As with the shampoo mentioned above, this conditioner uses Hydrasculpt Blend™ and an exotic blend of Brazilian oils that work together to help moisturize curls. UV inhibitors also help protect your curls from the drying, damaging effects of the sun. A curve-defining polymer helps de-frizz, smooth, control, and add bounce.buildup, but retain moisture.

The Best Styling Primer for Curls


Bb.Curl Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer protects, detangles, defines, and moisturizes curls when sprayed onto damp hair can combed-through before styling. On day two or three after washing your hair, it can be used to instantly refresh and reshape. UV inhibitors also help protect your hair from the drying effects of the sun.

The Best Products for Defining Curls

Bb.Curl Defining Creme helps create flexible curls with separation. Like the other products in Bumble and bumble’s curl line, this creme contains their Hydrasculpt Blend™ and an exotic blend of Brazilian oils to hydrate, style, and define curls. To use, start with a small amount on damp hair from roots to ends and build up as needed. Then air-dry or diffuse.

Another great product for defining curls is Bb.Curl Conditioning Mousse, a lightweight mousse that locks in moisture for defined yet touchable and nourished curls. To use, comb it through damp curls, scrunch, and style as usual.

How to Protect Your Curls from Humidity

Great for ringlets or corkscrew curls, Bb.Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil combines the hold of a gel with the hydration of an oil – for glossy, frizz-free, elongated curls with movement. This gel-oil hybrid has Capuacu Butter and an exotic blend of Brazilian oils to help add moisture and shine. To use, start with a small amount and comb through damp hair, adding more as necessary. Follow by diffusing, air-drying, or blow-drying.

Where to Buy Bumble and bumble’s Curl Collection:

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Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego is an exclusive Bumble and bumble salon offering the full line of curl products for purchase. Stop by our salon in Downtown San Diego. Our friendly and knowledgeable stylists will help you select the right products for your curl type.

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