Feeling frustrated when your hair gets greasy too soon after its been washed? Oil can make hair fall limp, stick together, and even make your skin breakout. There are many reasons that your hair can begin to get oily seemingly out of nowhere. Read on to understand what can cause excessive oil, and how to manage it.

Don’t Overwash

Shampooing is necessary to help clean your hair and break through buildup, but washing too often can actually make your hair greasier When you wash your hair every day, it’s stripped of natural oils that are designed to condition and protect your hair. Your scalp then overcompensates by producing more oil, creating a vicious cycle where you feel compelled to wash your hair daily. To keep your hair healthy, you only need to wash two or three times a week with a quality shampoo.

Stay Away From Severe Shampoos

Many shampoos contain harsh detergents that offset the natural pH balance of the scalp and dry your hair out. This causes your scalp to produce excessive oil. Always read the ingredients before you buy a shampoo. The stylists at Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego can help you select the right shampoo for your hair type. Bumble and bumble’s Gentle Shampoo (available at Flirt Urban Salon) is a very mild shampoo that gently cleans your hair while adding moisture and shine with the help of Avocado Oil, and Vitamins A, B, and D.

Avoid Heavy Conditioners

Conditioners are not one-size-fits-all. If you’re using a heavier conditioner than what’s necessary for your hair type, it can leave greasy build-up on your hair and weigh it down. If you have fine hair, use a conditioner made for fine hair.

Hands Off Your Hair

Even if you’re an all-star handwasher, our hands constantly have oil on them. Running your hands through your hair can transfer oil and dirt, causing buildup and greasiness.

Clean Your Hairbrush

Oil can collect on your hairbrush, in addition to residue from products, dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria (gross). Using that grody brush can redeposit all of that gunk back into your hair. We recommend cleaning your hairbrush once a week by removing any hairs caught in the brush, then soaking it for five minutes in a cup of soap and water, followed by spraying it with rubbing alcohol.

Dry Shampoo Between Washes

Between washes, dry shampoo can refresh your hair when it starts to get a little oily. We adore Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo (now in a spray), because it not only reduces oil, but also provides UV protection, and extends style by adding volume. Stop by our San Diego salon to pick some up.

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So there you have it! Six easy ways to manage oily hair. To learn more about hair care or the right hair products, schedule a free consultation with a stylist at Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego.

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