In San Diego where it’s always sunny, the only way to tell the difference between summer and fall is by the Starbuck’s menu (pumpkin spice lattes, anyone?) and hair color trends. Below are some of Flirt Urban Salon’s favorite hair color trends for fall 2017.

Warm Copper


This warm copper hair color is what would happen if dusty rose gold and auburn got together and had a beautiful baby.

Lightly Toasted Blonde


When done correctly, “lightly toasted” blonde is warm and rich without being brassy or washing the skin out. This color is natural-looking, yet polished.

Raven Black


A cool black shade of hair color can create beautiful contrast on fair-skinned gals and make hair look glossier and more reflective. To warm up black hair, try adding ribbons of chestnut highlights.

Vibrant & Pastel Colors


Vibrant and pastel hair colors in any shade of the rainbow will continue to be popular this fall. This look can be intimidating to try, so some people start with a few strands of vibrant color (like hair color training wheels). Semi-permanent color is also available, which will let you try the trend but it will wash out in 12 shampoos.

Subtle Ombré


Forget the dip-dyed look of yesteryear’s ombres. This fall, ombres have a new seamless look, with the length and ends only a tad bit lighter than the crown of the hair.

Balayage and Babylights


Balayage and babylights blend two highlighting techniques to create bright, multidimensional, sun-kissed, rooty hair that grows out more naturally (meaning more time between touch-ups). Balayage with babylights isn’t just for blondes– it looks great on brunettes, redheads, and darker hair too.

The Fall Bronde


Bronde (aka “brown-blonde”) shimmers blonde in the light and looks rich and chocolatey in shadows. It’s a great way to add dimension to your hair, especially if you have curls.

Caramel Highlights


Add some spice to your hair this fall with some caramel highlights. These highlights will add dimension and create movement to your hair.

Cooler Ashy Tones


Going ashy or “smoky” is a great option if you want to try the gray hair craze without going full gray. Ashy hair color contains hints of blue and gray that give the color it’s smokey, almost-gray base.This color is great for cool skin tones with pink undertones.

Best Hair Colorists In San Diego


If you’re ready to try any of these fall hair color trends, contact the experienced hair colorists at Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego. We can help you achieve your hair color goals while also keeping your hair’s strength and health in mind. To schedule a free consultation, call us at: (619) 501-6890.

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