In-Salon Treatments for Damaged Hair

If your hair is feeling damaged, brittle, and dry from coloring or hot styling tools, it may be time for you to invest in an intensive salon treatment to revive your lustrous tresses. At Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego, we offer Olaplex or L’Oréal Smartbond. Either treatment can help your hair look healthier, shinier and smoother. Learn more below.


Olaplex Before and After

Olaplex is more than a deep hair conditioning treatment– it’s like a “reset” button for your damaged hair. It works to permanently rebuild and reconnect damaged disulphide bonds in hair that are broken during the chemical process of coloring, and from hot styling tools. It’s scientifically-developed to work on the hair from within, unlike a typical conditioner that only affects the superficial condition of hair.

If you’re going lighter with your hair color, we highly recommend Olaplex. It can be applied during the coloring process to proactively protect against breakage. It works on all hair types, from straight to very curly. And it isn’t just for hair that’s been previously chemically processed– it can be beneficial for “virgin” hair too.

Olaplex is a three-part treatment, the first two of which have to be done in the salon. The final step is a take-home treatment. You can learn more about the three steps in our Olaplex blog.

L’Oréal Smartbond


Another great in-salon treatment for strengthening hair is Smartbond by L’Oréal Professionnel. This unique system protects and strengthens the hair during color and bleaching and is known to brighten and soften dyed hair over time. Much like Olaplex, the Smartbond is three steps, with the first two steps done in-salon and the third step done at home.

The main difference between Olaplex and Smartbond is that Olaplex repairs hair while Smartbond prevents further damage, but may help slightly with rebuilding the protein bonds that cause hair damage.

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