As San Diego’s top hair color specialists, we get a lot of questions from our clients about how they can maintain their color-treated hair and keep their gorgeous hue from fading. Below are 9 tips from the colorists at Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego on how to maintain your colored hair and keep it healthy and salon-fresh.

Give Your Hair Color Time to Set

After your hair is colored at the salon, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before you wash your hair to help the color really settle in. If you’re feeling a bit greasy, try a dry shampoo to get you through until your next wash. We recommend Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo, because it reduces oil, provides UV protection, and extends style by adding volume.

Wash Color-Treated Hair Less Often

Every time you wash your hair, you lose a bit of color. To prevent washing away your vibrant hair color, wash your hair less often – we recommend two to three times per week, and never more than every other day.

Avoid Really Hot Water on Dyed Hair

Try not to use really hot water on your colored hair. Hot water opens the hair cuticles, which allows the color molecules from the dye to escape more easily.

Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo on Color-Treated Hair

Bumble and Bumble’s Color Minded Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos that contain sulfates (the stuff that makes your shampoo lather), can be too harsh on colored hair and strip the color. Read your labels carefully and choose a shampoo that’s gentle, color-safe and sulfate free. At Flirt Urban Salon, we sell a variety of sulfate-free shampoos by Bumble and bumble.

Use a Color-Protecting Conditioner

You can help maintain your hair color longer by keeping your hair hydrated. Every time you shampoo, be sure to apply a color-protecting conditioner to help add moisture and shine. For extra care, try a conditioning overnight masque like While You Sleep Damage Repair Masque.

Don’t Use Styling Products with Alcohol In Them

As we mentioned, keeping your hair hydrated helps maintain the hair color longer. Styling products like mousse or gel with alcohol listed in the top five ingredients will dry your hair out and compromise your hair color.

Protect Your Color-Treated Hair from UV Rays


Ultraviolet rays from the sun can penetrate the hair cuticle, oxidizing and fading your hair color. You can protect your color by wearing a hat when you’re in the sun. When you don’t want to wear a hat, Bumble and bumble also has a fantastic line of hair styling products with built-in UV protection. Check out our blog on “How to Sun-Proof Your Hair from UV Damage”.

Reduce Your Use of Hot Styling Tools

Hair styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can dry out and damage your hair and compromise the color. If you must use these, be sure to apply a heat-protecting styling product. We love Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer, which uses six featherlight oils to help protect against heat styling, breakage, and UV damage.

Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

If your color-treated hair is looking frizzy, your hair may have split ends and damage. To keep your colored hair looking its best, we recommend scheduling regular haircuts or trims.

Get The Best Hair Color in San Diego

If you’re ready for the best hair color in San Diego, give us a call at Flirt Urban Salon in Downtown. Our friendly stylists and colorists are some of the best in the biz. We also offer conditioning and smoothing treatments like Olaplex and Smartbond, plus the full line of Bumble and bumble products mentioned in this blog. Contact us at (619) 501-6890.

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