Finding the right dry shampoo can be a life-changer. It’s our favorite weapon for combating oily hair and extending the life of styled hair. However, not all dry shampoos are equal. The stylists at Flirt Urban Salon in San Diego share a few tips for how to choose the right kind of dry shampoo and some other ways to use this miracle product.

Choose an Invisible Dry Shampoo

bumble-and-bumble-dry-shampooA lot of dry shampoos give your hair a baby-powdered dullness. If you’ve got light hair, the powdery residue may not be as noticeable, but for gals with darker hair, too much dry shampoo can look like someone clapped two chalk erasers over your hair. Luckily, Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo is invisible, leaving no white residue. So whether your hair is jet black, ruby red, platinum blonde, chestnut brown, or pixie pink, you’re in good hands.

Choose The Right Kind for Your Hair Type


Some dry shampoos can dry out your hair too much and leave it feeling stiff and brittle. If you have curly hair, you also may need a little hydration on your curls to keep them in place and frizz-free. Luckily Bumble and bumble offers Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible (Nourishing) Dry Shampoo formulated for wavy to curly hair. Enriched with Hibiscus extract, this dry shampoo absorbs oil at the root, while nourishing dry ends. If you’ve got straight to wavy hair, the classic Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo will be your go-to.

Try Dry Shampoo for Styling

Dry shampoo isn’t just for banishing excess oil. It can give your hair more volume and body. Bb’s Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo also works as a 2-in-1 style extender that adds volume from roots to ends. It’s a great way to extend the life of a blow-out or refresh sagging curls.

Dry shampoo is also great for doing braids, messy buns, and updos. Clean hair can be really slippery and hard to work with. Spraying a little on your hair can give it more texture so it grips better and stays in place.


Bb’s original Prêt-à-powder works like a charm when massaged into the roots or added to your brush and then worked through. It lifts the roots and adds movement though shorter looks, or creates a foundation for building more architectural hairstyles.

Consider UV Protection

If you’re going to to invest in a dry shampoo, consider choosing one with UV filters to protect your hair from the sun’s damaging and drying rays. Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible Dry Shampoo contains UV filters– another added bonus.

Don’t Overuse Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo helps you extend the life of your hairstyle, protects your hair color from overwashing, and saves you time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up washing your hair all-together! Regular shampoos and conditioning treatments are an important part of keeping your hair healthy. Even the best dry shampoo can start to build up on your scalp if you use it too much between washes.

Where to Buy Bumble and bumble Dry Shampoo in San Diego

If you’re interested in giving Bumble and bumble’s line of Prêt-à-powder dry shampoos a try, stop by Flirt Urban Salon in Downtown San Diego. As an exclusive Bumble and bumble salon, we offer the full line of these fantastic hair products. Our experienced stylists will be happy to help you choose the right dry shampoo for your hair type. Schedule an appointment today at (619) 501-6890.

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